Monday, October 28, 2013

Wisconsin Dells

This summer when I went to Wisconsin Dell's I had a lot of fun. The first day all we did was rides in the amusement park. My cousin Brice did not ride any, but my uncle and I rode all the scary ones.
        The Hates 360 was the best!
When we went on it we went like a hundred M.P.H! It had a huge hill that you down kinda like the Wild Thing at Valley Fair. It also went flying upside down! My cousin would have hated it. All he did was ride the go carts. I wasn't to good at that. They were hard to drive because, I wasn't tall enough and people kept crashing into me! You lose the privilege of driving them if you crash into somebody but they never did. My darn uncle was always was in first place! He is a big guy so when I tried too ride with him but I could barely fit. He also had a hard time trying  to push the brake or he would crash. That was my story about Wisconsin Dells

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